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Vaporizer Marketing Trends: 3 Entrepreneurial Strategies

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Creative Ways Small Smoke Retailers are Reaching the Masses

Smoke accessory buyers have already know the popularity of e-cigarette and vaporizer products has exploded in recent years. Even as marijuana laws progress nationwide, making the returns on traditional smoke products more uncertain, nicotine-infused vaporizers, pipes and bowls are undergoing a renaissance in the marketing realm. Simple window-shopping and e-commerce sites are no longer the gateway to customer acquisition. As a result of increased popularity in mass media and a burgeoning cultural acceptance of alternative methods to light up, growing smoke and vape shops are taking to the streets to best their nascent competitors. Savvy smoke product sellers have found success with these three nontraditional vaporizer marketing trends:

Promotional Trucks

 Promotional Truck - Smoke Accessories Marketing Campaign

Photo Credit: Good Days Marketing

The actual food truck industry  in the United States is estimated to be valued at $1.5 billion, a testament to their effectiveness.  Attracted to the novelty of a billboard on wheels, retail companies have begun employing these branded box trucks to reach a wider audience.  The re-purposed entrepreneurial trend of going mobile sees smoke merchandise retailers following in the alluring path paved by mobile restaurateurs before them, making promotional trucks among the more popular emerging vaporizer marketing trends. Last year, VitaCig, the Washington-based producer of the VitaStick, a smoke utensil billed as “The Vitamin Vaporizer,” employed New York-based agency Good Days Marketing to launch the VitaCig Truck.  Throughout the summer of 2014, the VitaCig Truck made regular appearances at major traffic points in New York City. Wrapped with the VitaCig logo, the truck transported VigCig employees who demonstrated how to use the VitaStick, gave away free samples, and executed mini-educational forums on-board the truck for curious passersby.

Tour Buses

Smoke vaporizer


Capturing the changing climate of marijuana laws and the accompanying tourism opportunities, promotional tour buses are also among emerging vaporizer marketing trends utilized by smoke accessories retailers. Gary Riddle, managing partner of B2B Wholesaler Magazine, is a co-sponsor of Dab Bus, an up-and-coming marijuana tour bus located in Denver, Colo. Named for the method of “dabbing” — the act of vaping the waxy residue of marijuana extract concentrate — this tour bus and others like it are capitalizing on the advertising needs of vaporizer providers. The buses provide a benefit for smoke brands even without the tours, Riddle notes. “[The bus] hasn’t done any real tours yet,” he explained. “It’s only been used as a promotional vehicle for sponsors right now for trade shows.”

3D Printing

Smoke Accessories: Syque Inhaler

Photo Credit: Syqe Medical

Three-dimensional printers are all the rage these days. The kids are using them to construct various life-like toy characters, and adults have enlisted them to create firearms. The smoke industry is on the bandwagon now, too, using these high tech devices to create next-level vaporizers for a new flock of savvy smokers.

According to and Forbes, Israeli company Syqe Medial, Ltd., a startup backed by the Israeli government, has created a 3D printed inhaler with Wi-Fi and app syncing capabilities in order to capitalize on the medial marijuana industry. They’re not alone. Thanks to the proliferation of 3D printers, lone individuals have created their own versions of 3D printed vaporizers off the mainstream market.

If you’re curious about hot items in DIY vaping, online smoke forums and trade show events are a rich source of information to glean in order to be one step ahead of the market.

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