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Shop This Look… For Your Shop! Now Trending: Men’s Accessories Edition

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The “outdoor sophisticate” look is making its mark. Is your shop ready? The Insider breaks down which men’s accessories you need for your shop — and where to buy them wholesale.

When it comes to fashion accessories, don’t count men out. Your male customers are getting inspired by people they see on the street, at work, in magazines, on TV, and  — ever increasingly — on their favorite men’s fashion blogs. (Yup, that’s right: guys follow bloggers, too!)

As a result, your shop or e-commerce site needs to feature the right on-trend accessories to attract new male shoppers, build a loyal customer base, and amplify your sales.

So let’s shine the spotlight on an often underestimated segment when it comes to fashion: guys.

Get the Facts

According to The NPD Group, total sales of men’s accessories in the U.S. jumped 28.7 percent from 2012 to 2014, rising from $11.5 billion to $14.8 billion.

“Today, more men are looking to stand out in a crowd, and accessories are a way to make a bold statement without having to overhaul their wardrobes,” says Marshal Cohen, industry analyst, The NPD Group.

In short: men are recognizing the opportunity to add accessories to update their look — a quick and easy (read: cost efficient) way to make a fashion statement.

The Business of Accessories

By product category, sales of men’s bags almost doubled from 2012 to 2014, from $1.4 billion to $2.3 billion. Small personal accessories rose from $800 million to $1.2 billion, and jewelry sales soared from $2.9 billion to $4.3 billion in that same time frame.

This growth has prompted retailers and brands to up their game and devote more resources to the men’s accessory category.

And so should you!

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Getting Started

To help you out, we’ve highlighted a trending fashion look and then broken it down into its core pieces as a guide for what to stock in your store or site. We’ve also included the vendors selling these pieces at high-margin so your customers can shop this look as well!

The Look: Outdoor Sophisticate

Rugged yet refined, the outdoor sophisticate is inspired by a rustic aesthetic. He’s likely to blend modern styles with heritage looks; his style is functional and tactical, with an “urban dweller” feel.

The Pieces You’ll Need

Watches: Large Round-Faced Styles

With the extreme popularity of smartphones, wearing a watch now boils down to fashion over function. Unisex, simplistic, round-faced watches add a pop of style and sophistication peeking from under a trench coat or a sweater. This everyday piece works when paired with distressed (read: perfectly ripped) jeans or even sneakers.

Watches also make great gifts and this timeless style (pun intended) will carry your customers into next season and beyond. At the end of the day, is a watch a necessity? No. But consider it arm swag at its finest.

Bags: Leather Backpacks, Sling Packs, and Barrel Duffels

Here’s a throwback for you: remember those canvas Jansport backpacks you used to tag up with pens in high school? Well, we’re not referring to those! But sleek leather backpacks in brown or black are back in style — and will be everywhere this coming season.

Stylish, tough-luxe hardware with extra durable materials and straps make backpacks and sling packs new again — and all the rage.

Rucksacks and sling packs are the answer to making your customers’ everyday commute effortless and hassle-free, while still looking cool.

Customer education:

  1. make sure to have your sales staff convey that this allows your coveted male shoppers to be hands-free, making scrolling and swiping on phones a breeze.
  2. barrel duffels are also a slick way for a group to transport gym gear heading for a workout or a game with their buddies.

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Utility Knives: Stylish & Cutting-Edge

Think Boy Scout meets James Bond. The motto “always be prepared” speaks volumes when it comes to owning a set of totally rad utility knives. Besides, you never know when you’ll need help opening up a package.

Camp Blankets

Plaid, rustic-inspired blankets add a cozy chic aesthetic to your pad — perfect for decor as a throw or even to stay warm when you’re chilling on the couch with some Netflix. Blankets with a heritage feel are all the rage — and can look great merchandised in your shop!


The power of a rich-looking leather belt should never be underestimated. It literally ties your look together — whether you need it or not.

Scarves: Wrap It Up

Just flip through any issue of GQ or Esquire and you’re bound to see gents rocking everything from denim to suit jackets with one perfect accessory: the plaid scarf. But this isn’t your grandpa’s tartan: think heritage-inspired with urban flair.

(Psst: A plaid scarf makes for a great Father’s Day gift!)

source: J.Crew

source: J.Crew

Honorable Mentions: Kitchen & Bar Gear

Enamel Mugs: Sturdy and durable enamel mugs have a World War II-era vibe, making them the perfect way to down a hot toddy. They also make great decorative pieces for offices and kitchens. Margin Call: mugs of all shapes and sizes are high-margin staples you should always stock for your shop or site.



Cocktail Kits + Barware: Nothing says “man’s man” like knowing a thing or two about mixology. Cocktail making kits and flasks are timeless items that also come in handy when your customers need a gift for “the guy who has it all.”



Putting It All Together

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Utility knives

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Self Defense Supply
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Camp blankets

World Famous Sports
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Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild
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Extra Credit:

Steve Madden Accessories (The NES Group) at ASD (bracelets and necklaces for men)
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