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Since ASD Market Week and SourceDirect are leading trade shows in which to find products, brands, and retailers, we decided to create The Official Guide to Private Label for Small to Medium-Sized Brands & Retailers

“Private label” is a hot topic among inventors, designers, and retailers alike. Private labels are available in a wide range of industries, making them accessible options for retailers wanting to increase profit margins and inventors or designers wanting shelf space. Today, shoppers are responding more positively than ever to private label brands. Products that are natural extensions of other product lines are ideal private label collections. Establishing which products are in demand can be simple, but the process of connecting the right inventors, designers, or manufacturers with the right retailers can be more complex.

Did you know: 

  • Private label brands are a significant player in today’s U.S. retail landscape, reaching $112 billion out of $643 billion in total retail sales as recently as 2013. Nielsen
  • A retailer selling exclusive items may be able to boost associated product margin to 45% from 35%—when compared to similar third-party products. Internet Retailer
  • The number of retailers that say at least half of the merchandise they sell carries their own label has risen 31% since 2008, from 42% to 55%. – Internet Retailer



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