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Polyvore: A Retailer’s Secret Weapon for Trendspotting

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Source the latest product trends across fashion accessories, beauty, and home decor.

Polyvore is a free visual platform that enables you to quickly discover what’s trending in the style community across fashion, beauty and home decor. Here’s why retailers need to add it to their product trendspotting efforts ASAP.

If somewhere between Pinterest and Tumblr, you missed out on Polyvore, pay attention, very close attention. Polyvore is an online platform that allows its users and brands to create custom collages of images, called “sets” of their favorite items for sale from around the web. Polyvore encourages its millions of fashion, beauty, and home decor users to share their sets with the community to spotlight trends, celebrity outfits, themed pairings, and more.

Here is Why Polyvore is Important

  • It attracts over 20 million unique visitors per month
  • It’s collages or ‘sets’ get over a billion impressions per month
  • The average Polyvore user is 84% more likely to have shopped online for clothes, shoes, or accessories in the last 30 days than the average online consumer (research: Ometria)
  • The average order on the site ($66) beats all other social networks (source: Shopify blog)

What this means is Polyvore is a not only an online powerhouse, but the trends you’re seeing on the site also have a direct connection to what is being purchased around the world.

Insider Tip: Check out how many “views” and likes each “set’ has in order to get a better sense of influence.  More “likes” mean more engagement around a trend, and that’s good.

Consumer-created product trends all in one place

Unlike other social networks such as Tumblr, where users share aspirational photos of items they wish to own, or Lookbook, where users upload photos of themselves dressed to the nines, Polyvore takes the next step to inform viewers of the designer and prompt them to actually purchase online.    This means that trends on Polyvore are crowdsourced by the stylish masses in real-time and relate directly to purchases.  The product trends on view inside Polyvore become that much more actionable and go above and beyond the opinions of a small editorial staff.

An Insider Snapshot: Fashion Accessories & Home Decor Trends on Polyvore

We’ve scoured Polyvore’s website and their new (and recently award-winning) app for the hottest trends in fashion accessories, gift, and home to get you started.

Peony Accessories

With warm weather comes florals, but this season, peony specifically is the star of the show. From a touch of peony in your kitchen or on your desk, to printed textiles and accessories, the touch of pink will push you from Spring to Summer.

Trend Under $150: Peony


Trend Under $150: Peony by polyvore-editorial featuring hydrangea silk flowers

Emoji Inspired

It’s no wonder everyone’s favorite emoticons just released an upgrade, we’re obsessed! From dancing French fries to cutesy ice cream cones and smileys, add a bit of Japanese kawaii, (or “cute”) to your life with tote bags, shoes, and jewelry that bring your text messages to life.



Fun Emoji Fashion



Girly Desk Accessories

So long, drab cubicles. Adding personality and flair to your desk both at the office and at home is now a must! Inspired by designers like Nate Berkus and Kate Spade, show your personal style through pen holders, notebooks, and accessories in your favorite prints and patterns.



Desk Candy


Sea Foam & Gold Desk Set




Take a cuefrom the ever-so-confident Beyonce here and rock this season with bold bright colors for beauty, clothing, and accessories. While we encourage pairing brights with brights, it can be easy to get started at home with a pop of color in the kitchen or living room.

Beyoncé-Get The Look


The Perfect Garden Wedding


Brit + Co * Get Graphic * Yellow Outfit


Neon Decor


Untitled #510


Garden Party

Make the most out of wedding season by picking styles you’ll actually wear in real life. Cute pastel heels and ladylike jewelry in pinks, purples, and yellows (if you’re daring) work best with nail art to match.

The Softness of floral


Untitled #761


Yellow Floral


Love Is All Around


Love Is All Around by arethaman featuring Oscar de la Renta

Insider Tip: Click on “trending” and see what products are hot, right now.

Top Fashion Sets for June 2015

Whether you use Polyvore to research and source trends for buying or to create original and engaging content for your customers, give the useful, addicting, and free resource a shot.   If you own an e-commerce shop, creating your own sets on Polyvore can supercharge your sales. Log in, create an account, and get started! You won’t be able to stop. And you’ll be better prepared to purchase inventory for your shop or e-commerce site.

Tracking trends online is an amazing way to make a wish-list of trending products you’ll need for your shop. Meet hundreds of vendors at the next ASD Market Week, featuring the largest wholesale fashion accessories trade show in the U.S. Register here to attend.  It’s free!


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