Mother's Day retail spending trends - finding the perfect card is half the battle

News Flash: Mother’s Day Retail Spending Is Expected to Reach a Record $23 Billion

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Could the best Mother’s Day shoppers be the mothers themselves? Studies suggest that spa-related gifts are on the rise, while high-end jewelry has never been a more popular choice for the May holiday. Of course, no matter what the gift, you’ll need the perfect piece of stationery to go with it. Our experts uncover the latest Mother’s Day retail spending trends that have retailers buzzing.

It’s going to be the biggest Mother’s Day ever, according to the National Retail Federation, with more than $5 billion spent on jewelry, $2.5 billion on gift cards, and $2.1 billion on clothing — with 45% of younger Millennial respondents indicating that they plan to spend more this year.

“The traditional stuff is always good — flowers, candles, jewelry, etc. — but thinking outside of the box is a bit more exciting and enticing for the consumer,” says Tomel Lora, Sales Director at ASD Market Week.

It’s the stuff Mom says she wants all year long but won’t buy for herself that is going to be the winner. As a retailer, I would have a mix of tried-and-true/sure-thing items, as well as a few less traditional items that mom would appreciate.”

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Korean skin care is currently all the rage, whereas wearable and/or repurposed technology could be the next big thing. Tech gear is no longer just for dads!

An article from TrendSource suggests that more than half of the mothers who were polled (55%) want a “spa-related gift,” but only 20% will receive them. Therefore, “Mom is her own biggest purchase influencer,” and her wishlist wellness items should be on every retailer’s radar.

If you’re not in the spa business, think about expanding your self-care offerings; likewise, if you already carry wellness products, consider diversifying your product mix. Remember: Staying in is the new going out.

Retail Trendspotting for Mother’s Day 2017

We spoke to Henri Myers, retail tastemaker, and owner of MAISON 10, an art gallery and retail concept store in NYC. He curated a special mix of gift items for Mother’s Day that range in price points throughout several categories and offered handpicked selections on candles, books, fragrances, and jewelry.

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BTW: Myers is curating a show inside ASD’s Jewellery Box trade show June 5-7 in Las Vegas.

Check Out the Jewelry Trends That Drive Sales.

“A very encouraging trend we are starting to notice with consumers is that they are willing to shop for quality and design,” observes Jennifer Holmes of Jean Marie’s, Tip Toes, and Home & Company. “Higher-ticketed items are seemingly more desired if uniqueness and high quality are evident. With careful consideration, we have brought in some higher-end jewellery lines such as Uno de 50 and Lizzy James. The benefit of providing customers with a good-better-best selection is not only about choice, it’s about subconsciously raising the value of our other merchandise while still providing competitive pricing.”

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Retail Success Stories: Jean Marie’s Masterclass in Fashion Buying, Store Growth, and High Margins.

“It’s fantastic to see mothers getting so much recognition,” says Katharyne Shelton, a leading e-commerce marketing expert and guru at Blue Sky Suite. “Today’s gifts recognize that mothers are a diverse crew that includes new moms and moms-to-be, stepmoms, grandmoms, and honorary moms of all ages. Some do yoga, some ride Harleys — some do both! These days, it’s not unusual to see Mother’s Day cards with a zombie or quoting the periodic table. Curated gifts like subscription boxes are popular choices right now.”
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“Giving gifts and writing notes is my ‘language of love’ to those I care most about. I love to think of a gift that is unique to what one might typically receive, but also is personal to the receiver,” muses Julie Van Daele, a PR & Marketing Consultant and Founder of WELL RECEIVED.

“When I think of what most Mom’s get on Mother’s day it typically is flowers, brunch, or something of the sort. But what I want to do for my mom is make her feel extra special and see that she is MORE than worth the time to put a little extra thought into a unique yet useful gift.”

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“With that in mind, I think a gift of ‘not-so-typical’ stationery presents itself as a perfect option,” Van Daele says. “Most moms always have a need to write a little note here and there, and what a fun talking point for mom when she sends a Thank You card to her friend, the friend notices the specialty of the card, and mom gets to say, ‘Oh my son/daughter got these for me. Aren’t they great?’”

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So, how do you make sure you’re marketing around these mom’s day products? Jennifer Holmes offered some advice for shop owners focusing on retail trends for Mother’s Day 2017.

“In our ladies boutique, Jean Marie’s, we have a fun Mother’s Day promotion planned,” says Holmes. “We are offering a free zip-up wallet with the purchase of a gift card. The wallets were found at our most recent ASD buying trip in Las Vegas for a closeout price of $1.00. We think this will set us apart and also provides a great incentive for customers to choose Jean Marie’s when thinking of purchasing a gift card.”

Psst: Let’s not forget about Father’s Day. Experts predict a retail sales record of $14.3B for the dads out there (NRF). Don’t forget Father’s Day when researching retail trends for Mother's Day 2017 - this Black Pilot Rucksack from Maison10 should be on your radarPhoto credit:

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