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Top Fashion Accessories for 2015

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Find inspiration from these top fashion accessories blogs and social media profiles.

With help from fashion trend-setters, retailers are able to source inspiration from social media and blogs well before we see them appear on the red carpet.

Affordable fashion accessories can often be spotted online well in advance of mainstream publications. These blogs and social media feeds can be a great resource to find inspiring vendors before heading to trade shows.

In 2015, trends take inspiration from both retro throwbacks and futuristic tech imagery while an emphasis on fitness and a toned body continue to be desirable and heavily flaunted.

From undergarments to phone cases, here are some of 2015’s most statement-making pieces. But don’t take it from us — the blogger community gave us a sneak peek.


Fashion Accessories - Waist Trainers 

Waist Trainers

It’s no question that 2015 will once again be the year of the hourglass as the small waist-meets-voluptuous figure thing has been dominating the entertainment world. Waist training shapers have been seen most famously on the Kardashians’ Instagram feeds, with the hashtag #waisttraining gaining thousands of posts of women hoping to score their ideal waist-to-hip-ratio. These modern day corsets claim to flatten the belly, tighten the waist, and show results even once they’re taken off. We aren’t so sure about the latter, but this fast track to your dream body is dominating the blogosphere and Instagram feeds everywhere.


Fashion Retail Trends - MyCalvins Calvin Klein Campaign

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 #MyCalvins Intimates

Calvin Klein’s logo heavy underwear and bras have been seen peeking out of Ellie Goulding’s jeans in a Calvin Harris music video, on Kylie Jenner’s booty, in a friend’s Instagram post, and most recently in a new ad starring Justin Bieber. Calvin Klein clearly knew the blog-a-bility of the product, and made it easy, providing a hashtag, #MyCalvins in the ad campaign. Sites and retail shops began selling out once both celebrities and bloggers hyped these cozy yet cute intimates, but rest assured many have been restocked.

Moschino iPhone Cases

Moschino iPhone Cases

Your phone case is visible in plenty of mirror selfies, so why not have it make a statement.  Since legendary designer Jeremy Scott began as Creative Director at iconic Italian fashion house Moschino, their designs became more youthful and outlandish, especially when it came to phone cases. Celebrities from Miley Cyrus and Rihanna to Skrillex are seen all over with flashy iPhone covers resembling a makeup mirror and French fry case, respectively. Tumblr was flooded images of the phone case, causing them to sell out nearly everywhere, with knock offs and wild prices on eBay. These covers come in at around $80 if you can score one, but when an iPhone is nearly $300, it seems to almost deserve a stylish covering of its own. If it makes it worth it to you, your posts are sure to get more retweets and reblogs if you’re donning a Moschino case.   Now here’s a high-margin retail opportunity if we’ve ever seen one.


Athletic Sneakers

It seems like every blogger now has a fitness section to her or his blogs. “Athleisure” and cool health tips are everywhere.  Sneaker blogging had previously been reserved for the urban male crowd and many hip-hop blogs, but has finally reached the female mainstream online. The internet has replaced many magazines or even television shows as a source of inspiration for fashion and fitness, (as well as trend forecasting) and trustworthy blog babes have plenty of sneaker and other accessories styles that almost seem party worthy. Fitness-turned-fashion bloggers like Adrienne Ho of Sweat the Style show the world how to dress up Nike fly-knits and leggings, while lifestyle bohemian babe Lauren of The Skinny Confidential interviews local brands and proves cute workout shoes do inspire more trips to the gym. Health and fitness blogger Fitness on Toast recently gave sneak peeks of Nike sneakers on her blog, further proving that the right pair of sneakers can make the outfit.



Cute smiley faces no longer only exist in your iPhone chats. Emojis, the emoticon of choice, have made their way into the IRL or, “in real life,” on clothing and accessories in a big way. Cell phone cases, socks, and jewelry, donned the favorites, praying hands and alien emojis, while the poop emoji was even seen on a pair of flats (cue: collective groan).  Everyone from Refinery 29 to Glamour has reported on the trend. Tastemaker bloggers like Hanna Beth can be seen with emoji clutches, and trend-setting e-commerce brands Nasty Gal and Shop Jeen carry a variety of options. As silly as it may be, these emoji fashion accessories may be relevant until a new line of emoticons comes out.

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