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8 Men’s Accessories Trends and The Top Instagrammers Who Wear Them

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Men’s accessories sales are climbing fast. Here are 8 product trends (as worn by must-follow male fashion influencers) to source for your shop!

Are you carrying men’s accessories yet? If not, it’s time to start.

According to The NPD Group, total sales of men’s accessories in the U.S. jumped 28.7 percent from 2012 to 2014, rising from $11.5 billion to $14.8 billion.

“Today, more men are looking to stand out in a crowd, and accessories are a way to make a bold statement without having to overhaul their wardrobes,”said Marshal Cohen, industry analyst, The NPD Group.

By product category, sales of men’s bags almost doubled, from $1.4 billion in 2012 to $2.3 billion in 2014. Small personal accessories rose from $800 million to $1.2 billion, and jewelry sales soared from $2.9 billion to $4.3 billion in that time frame.

Retailers and shop owners! It’s time to take notes from some of the most influential men’s Instagram accounts on what’s trending, what’s hot, and what products will sell this season.

Whether your customers are going for a classic, preppy look, or a more trendy bohemian, we trust Instagram to forecast the hottest men’s accessories trends for the remainder of 2015.  They also show you how to wear, merchandise, and market them.

1. Pocket Squares

Worn by: EJ Sampson

A photo posted by EJ Samson (@ejsamson) on

  Who the heck wears pocket squares anymore? This guy. The 2015 reimagined pocket square is a fun way to spruce up any suit jacket and make the most out of your staple pieces. Only own a few suits and hope no one is noticing? Tuck in a different pocket square and each day you will look as good as new. These pieces are inexpensive, easy to collect, and appeal to a wide age range of customers.


2. Hippie Inspired Bracelets

Worn by: Men’s Fashion Post

Did you buy that at your girlfriend’s yoga studio? Hippie-inspired beaded bracelets made from crystals, wood, and beads are adorning the wrists of men’s fashion bloggers and Instagrammers this season. Easy to mix, match, and stack, these elastic bracelets are perfect for summertime (and beyond) and are a good point of entry for guys who are new or apprehensive about wearing jewelry.


3. Old School Sneakers

Worn by: Men With Street Style

& @menwithclass ??? A photo posted by @menwithstreetstyle on

While futuristic and super athletic ninja kicks may have taken the main stage for some time, old school classics are making their way back onto everyone’s feet. From Nike Air Max 90s and Stan Smith Adidas to Van’s Sk8-Hi and more, simple canvas, leather, and rubber sneakers in solid colors go with everything from jeans, khakis, shorts, and gym clothes.

4. The Jesus Sandal

Worn by: Josh Johnson (The Kentucky Gent)

Sometimes, flip flops just aren’t going to cut it. Sandals for men can be a tricky, but strappy classics in neutral tones, a la Birkenstocks, have become the go-to throw on shoe this summer among male fashion influencers. From running errands to picnicking with friends we’ve been inspired by how well Southern gentleman, Josh Johnson pulls off the Jesus sandal.


5. The Rounded Cap

Worn by: Frederik Andersen

From the days of top hats, to fedoras, to celeb-approved trucker hats and urban fitted caps, hats have always been a classic male accessory. Lately we’ve seen a resurgence of the old school, battered, folded brim baseball cap that we like to call the “dad cap.” From Leonardo Dicaprio to Ryan Gosling, this incognito and sun-protecting staple is easy and smart to wear.  You probably have one in the back of your closet already. Our favorites include classic brand logos, tourist destinations, or simple embroidered graphics.  See more of our favorite hat trends here.

6. The Canvas Watch

Worn by: Moti Ankari (The Metro Man)

A photo posted by Moti Ankari (@themetroman) on

Less is more. While we still appreciate any flashy watches as gifts, for daily wear a simple round-faced watch with a canvas or fabric strap is both understated and modern. These affordable pieces have become a staple in the workplace for everyone from casual tech startup developers to sleek and professional businessman.


7. Statement Socks

Worn by: Men’s Fashion Post

In 2015 men’s accessories have officially moved past classics and onto more niche and statement pieces. But maybe stop-you-in-your-tracks accessories aren’t for you, and that’s OK. To start your accessories collection slowly, we suggest a statement sock. A splash of color, pattern, or texture peeking from underneath your work pants is a safe and subtle way to branch out. You’ve got to wear socks anyways, so a few extra bucks and a pinch of effort is easy to justify. These pair especially well with new takes on classic menswear pieces like the pocket square and tie we’ve mentioned here as well.

8. A Good Ole’ Tie

Worn by: Rainier Jonn (The Dressed Chest)

We hope you’ve learned how to tie a tie by now, because they aren’t going anywhere. While formal wear is rarely required these days, a tie paired with linen, denim, or patterned button-ups is a fun way to add color and make a statement. A tip for the advanced, check out Rainier’s use of tie clips and pocket squares to complete the look.

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As you can tell by now, carrying men’s accessories is a great way to increase purchases, revenue, and elevate your average sale. Combining trends from celebrities, trending designers, and male fashion influencers will also help ensure your store is stocked with in-demand product that will sell and help put you on the map as a tastemaker.

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