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March 2016: ASD’s Smoke + Vape Highlights

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The ever-growing Smoke + Vape section of ASD has some of the most elaborate and well designed booths on the floor!

While some brands are focusing on creating trending flavors of e-liquid and vape juice inspired by super sweet desserts and nostalgia inducing breakfast cereal, others are working on standing out through unique packaging and collaborations with artists and even social media influencers. For a culture that was basically born online, social media is a huge part of vape brand promotion and branding. Check out these 6 Instagram posts of our favorite booths and vendors at ASD.

Gallery Vapes

Booth: SL5101

If getting a sample box of flavors in a custom wooden box filled with shredded cash doesn’t appeal to you, we don’t know what will! Gallery, a California based vape company known for their sour e-juices and collaborations with online tastemakers caught our eye with their booth complete with faux green fur.

“The very best in class” @x2ovapes is at Booth #SL5301 #asdshow #vapefam #vapestagram

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X 2 O

Booth: SL5301

Whether you’re looking for starter kits, or full blown box mod models, X 2 O vapes claims to be the “best in class, innovation, and quality.” We’re definitely intrigued by flavors like “Knock Out Punch,” “Tigers Blood,” and a rainbow holographic vape pen on display.

OCB Rolling Papers

Booth: SL5117

OCB’s booth has a mystical Alice in Wonderland feel to it. An artist OCB frequently collaborates with was live painting at the booth. OCB is best known for their organic rolling papers and psychedelic aesthetic. To help their vendors market the product, OCB offers cool limited edition art prints and marketing materials for stores.

Breakfast Club / Ruthless

Booth: SL5197

Breakfast Club e-juice is another popular e-juice brand hopping on the cereal flavors trend. A sister line to Ruthless Vapor, Breakfast Club is next to the giant Ruthless Vape booth. Try out some of their most trendy flavors today and see what the cereal craze is all about.

Starbuzz Tobacco

Booth: SL5137

Starbuzz Tobacco has a big red booth — you can’t miss it! Their new product, Vintage, a hookah hashish, boasts a “darker essence” that leads to more of a light headedness that their customers enjoy.

Beard Vape Co.

Booth: SL5155

Easily one of the most elaborate booths in the Smoke & Vape section, Beard Vape Co. out of Los Angeles has vape juices that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Their most popular line includes flavors as wild as NY style cheesecake topped with strawberries to mint chocolate chip cookie. Yum!

Are you a Smoke, Vape, or E-juice retailer? Get your free ticket to the next Smoke + Vape at ASD in Las Vegas here.

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