Last Minute Holiday Window Display Tips to Wow Your Customers

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We are well into the holiday buying season and it’s time to create a delightful and traffic-rustlin’ holiday window display for your store. Your store’s holiday window display is about more than just expressing your company’s holiday flair, but additionally offers the chance for you to communicate your store’s taste, style and inventory to every single potential customer that passes by. A compelling window display can be a destination in and of itself, which makes it a great way to appeal to customers of all ages, including Millennial or Gen Z customers who tend to value experiences — and Instagrammable photos of those experiences — over things.

Holiday window displays are traced back to as early as Macy’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in 1874,  and holiday window displays still have an old fashioned ambience that makes them a destination for tourists and locals alike. To turn your window traffic into sales, your decor should hint at or showcase some of your best holiday inventory in a creative way. Check out these actionable tips to make your holiday window display shopper-ready!

Plan First, Execute Later

When you’re jazzed about seasonal sales and festivities, it’s tempting to dive into creating your holiday window display with all guns blazing at the first scent of hot cocoa. To do this, however, is to run a strong risk of winding up tangled in a ball of malfunctioning holiday lights, buried under an avalanche of gift tissues and paper snowflakes. ‘Tis far better to plan your window display on paper beforehand, to get a sense for where the various elements of your display will be placed.

Quick Tips: Maintain an awareness of your customers’ line of vision when they’re standing outside of your shop and organize the main elements of your display along that plane. An initial half hour sketching up your plan with colored pencils can ensure your holiday display plans go off without a hitch. 

Minimalism Is a Virtue

We get the urge to stuff up your windows with half of your inventory and “% off” signs. Yet, less is more when you’re trying to transmit an image of class and quality. Choose a theme for your window that will enable you to showcase your inventory and evoke nostalgia in your customers. For inspo, check out what the big guys are doing on the main streets of New York City here. Tie your holiday window theme into the type of lifestyle that your company is known for and it representative of your holiday inventory. A gift shop retailer, for instance, might build a Christmas tree out of holiday greeting cards; while a vacation outfitter might try their hand at a hip, surfing Santa.

Quick Tips: Focus on highlighting a few key items instead of trying to showcase everything in your limited window space. Challenge yourself to utilize cost-effective materials such as fabric-draped and stapled shipping boxes, tissue paper, and (of course) silver glitter. 

Make It Big

For many retailers during the holidays it is cold outside. If you fall into this category, it means some of the impressions of your holiday window display will happen from the comfort of a driver’s seat window. For your windows to make an impact and effectively recruit curious passerby into your store, the elements of your display need to be larger-than-life. So think big when erecting your glass-encased winter wonderland. Use only supersized cut-outs and seasonal decorations.

Quick Tips: Before you start sketching up the plans for your holiday windows, drive by your store to get a feel for what size of elements you’ll need for maximum visual impact. Also make sure the inventory you incorporate into your holiday display is visually appealing from a distance.

As if by merry Saint Nicholas magic, your holiday display can be a beacon for potential customers to check out the lifestyle of your store. When your display is larger-than-life and does a great job of depicting your seasonal inventory, customers will line up to partake in the holiday fun!

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By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle & Jasmine Glasheen,


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