Increase Website Traffic by Expanding Your Domain Extensions

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Domain extensions are the last word people type in when they are looking for your website…and they are the first thing that people browsing the Internet see about your brand. The right domain extension can help to make your website memorable and allows potential customers to instantly identify your business’s niche or specialty. If your website ends in “.TECH” for instance, people searching the Internet will know that they are looking at a tech product or service. Similarly, if your website ends in “.STORE,” everyone who sees your domain name will know that you’re selling before even landing on your homepage.

So, how can you choose a fitting new domain extension for your business? You will want to keep it simple, logical, and easy to remember. As mentioned above, your domain extension is part of your company’s branding, so it is best to go with a domain name that easily describes what your business does…as well as what people who click on your website can expect to find.

New Domain Extensions

The new domain extensions that just hit the market are called gTLDs, or generic Top Level Domains. It’s much easier to find a domain name that suits your business working within the realm of gTLDs, instead of trying to find a viable domain name with “.com.” Most of the decent domain names under “.com” were snatched up years ago and “.com” is too generic to give potential customers an idea as to what they are going to find at your website. Of the new domain extensions, “.STORE” is among of the most popular and for good reason. Brands are using “.STORE” either alone to drive traffic to their online store or in addition to their existing website as a way to extend their online reach. Brands such as the NBA, Lorde, Khalid, the Magazine Store are among those that have amplified their online visibility by using the “.STORE” domain extension; while brands such as CES (Consumer Technology Show) are building brand awareness with the “.TECH” extension, Asgardia increases brand awareness with “.SPACE,” and the Freedom of the Press Foundation uses…you guessed it…“.PRESS.”

The Benefits of Domain Specificity

A new domain extension can add value to your business by keeping your website address short, crisp and relevant to your specific niche. New domain extensions are also SEO agnostic and more meaningful and descriptive than traditional domain names. In fact, many websites with existing URLs opt to add a new domain extension in order to better define additional segments of their website, to add character or personality to their online business, or to categorize various segments of their brand. For instance, Emirates uses two separate URLs for their website, one “.reviews” extension for customer reviews and another “’.STORE” extension for their online store. Dude Perfect also uses two separate URLs to better define different sections of their website, with a traditional “.com” address for their homepage and a “.STORE” website to showcase their retail offerings.

Adding Retail Value With“.STORE”

So how exactly can using a “.STORE” domain name help you create a stronger retail brand? Since the “.STORE” domain extension was just recently released, many of the URLs with the “.STORE” ending are still available. This means that you can choose a memorable brand name that’s directly suited to your business without any unnecessary characters or misspellings. Customers will not only remember your short, relevant “.STORE” domain name, but they’ll also always associate your website with shopping. Plus, having the extension .STORE as part of your domain name increases your business’s search engine visibility. Finally, since the word “store” is recognized globally, it can help you connect with customers and sell anywhere worldwide. As a result, .STORE is a winning domain option for online retailers. The question is, have you secured yours yet?

Getting The Right Domain Name

Building a successful online store starts with finding the perfect domain name. .STORE is the first domain extension for eCommerce and Retail business verticals. The domain extension was launched to ensure eCommerce and Retail businesses now have the opportunity to get the right domain name for their business as opposed to compromise on a long, misspelled .COM.

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