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How Passive Marketing Can Help Grow Your Brand Visibility

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Many retailers only think about marketing in terms of doing.Yet if you limit your concept of marketing to theactions marketers take to directly reach customers — such as email blasts, targeted text messaging, social media activity and hosting in-store promotional events — it’s easy to miss out on the other half of the equation. While the previously listed methods of active marketing are effective ways to promote your product or company, they are only effective as long as you keep putting in the effort. In other words, as soon as you stop producing… active marketing stops producing for you.

Passive marketing, on the other hand, can be simply defined as having a brand presence in all of  the right places. It’s a cost-effective form of promotion that works well for modern customers who don’t want to be bombarded with advertising and prefer to discover products themselves.

Using the following techniques, put the foundations in place to promote your brand with passive marketing.

Build Up Your Backlinks

According to Search Engine Land, backlinks are the most effective way to increase your Google search rating. Backlinks can be easily defined as references or links from another blog or website than your own. Despite their importance, however, many retailers struggle with how to build up their backlinks without investing in paid promotions. Rest assured, fortunately, that it’s much easier than it sounds. Invite micro-influencers and bloggers to try your product for free, suggesting they discuss it with their audience if they find it to their liking. Another method is to create a press release for editors and journalists within your sphere of influence. Sharing statistics and actionable info is a great way to increase the likelihood of getting backlinks from blogs and websites, as well.

Keyword Optimize Blog Posts

It might be tempting to get clever with catchy blog titles that stray from the topic, but it’s important to include at least one keyword in your blog title in order to appear in Google searches. Furthermore, search engines like Google are actually turned off when you include too many keywords in any one blog post or article. This is called “keyword stuffing” and it’s a deterrent both to search engines and to potential readers of your content. Instead of blindly adding in as many keywords as possible, Hubspotsuggests using your keyword once “within the first 65 characters of your headline.” Focus on creating content that addresses the specific concerns of your target customer base as opposed to obsessing about using specific words throughout your post. Quality content is key and your audience will find you once you create it.

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Get Those Directory Listings

While we are on the topic of remaining visible and findable to your target customers… getting a company listing with any and every retail directory that is relevant to your particular industry is pivotal to your passive marketing campaign success. Many major blogs and websites have created lists of directories where your retail company could benefit from being listed online, so Google the directories that pertain to your industry to find those most pertinent to your brand. In addition, write up a unified and comprehensive description of your company that contains keywords about the areas in which you specialize. Once your company description has been edited and spell-checked you can send it to retail directories along with your introductory email and company name.

Contrary to popular belief, passive marketing doesn’t mean kicking back and waiting for your customers to come to you. Alternatively, passive marketing refers to getting your company name out there so that customers can discover your brand. Optimize your posts and all digital efforts for SEO the right way. Then create a self-sustaining marketing plan by building your listings and link-backs so you’ll appear in relevant searches. Soon your brand will be positioned to keep growing on its own… so you can focus on the other important aspects of running a retail business!

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