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The Hottest Vapes and E-Cigarettes for 2015

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Top e-cigarette and vaporizer brands to watch this year

With e-cigarette and vaporizers replacing traditional smoking, brands are scrambling to create (and market) the hottest products on the market for smoke savvy consumers.

With trends continuing to focus on both aesthetics and portability, newer specifics like custom flavors and mobile apps are just a few of the ways manufacturers are keeping their product the hottest on the market.  Here are five hottest vapes and e-cigarette brands sure to fly off your store shelves.


1. Pax Ploom

Pax Plume Vaporizer

Luxurious and streamlined, the Pax Ploom is like the Bentley of vapes. This pocket-sized product has received positive reviews in tech press from Fast Company to Gizmodo, placing it alongside tech gadgets and gift suggestions. Boasting to be smoke free, the Ploom’s sensor light lights up when ready to begin vaping. The stand-up charger allows for what feels like infinite recharging. The newest model, the modelTwo, offers an almost Keurig experience, with flavored tobacco pods to place into the vape in different flavors. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder the Pax Ploom is one of the hottest vape brands in the market.


2. Vapor Brothers Eleven Pen

Vaporbrothers VB Eleven Kit
Reasonably priced and sleek, the Eleven Pen by Vapor Brothers has been a favorite and continues to get love on social media into 2015. Its low price point, ($60) makes it accessible to the masses. Not having a rechargeable battery lends itself towards the low price point, but die-hard fans have been known to purchase a replacement after using theirs till it quits!

3. V2 Electronic Cigarettes


V2 Bloom Pattern EX Battery E Cigarettes
With a focus on quality and customization, V2 Electronic Cigarettes is a favorite for smokers opting for e-cigarettes. Their user friendly website has a quiz to help shoppers select the product perfectly suited to their likes. Boasting a better tasting vapor, V2 has both helped smokers kick cigarettes and become one of the year’s hottest vapes for cigarette loyalists.


4. The Crafty Vape by Storz & Bickel

Crafty Vaporizer

With just one touch of a button, the intelligent Crafty Vaporizer heats to its perfect standard temperature. With two clicks, you can raise the temperature. LED lights changing from red to green notify you when it is ready to smoke, making for a fool-proof experience for newbies. Not the most necessary, but definitely impressive, the Crafty comes with it’s own remote control app for your iPhone that can notify you when the device is ready to smoke or turn on or off the vaporizer.  For the tech savvy and simply those seeking peak laziness, this one is for you.


5. Vaporfi E-Cigarette

VaporFi E Cigs All Colors

Like a kid in a candy store, except you’re the kid and the candy is custom e-cigarette liquids, Vaporfi stays ahead of the pack by allowing their customers to blend up to three flavored liquids to create a taste all their own. The liquids are blended fresh and sent to you in the nicotine strength you desire — just two of the reasons Vaporfi is among the industry’s hottest vape brands.


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