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Hot Holiday Product Trends: What Retailers Need to Know This Week

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From classic toys to fail-proof fashions, check out this week’s top headlines for the hottest holiday product trends.

Toy Experts Share What’s Hot for the Holidays

Hot Product Trends - Toys

From MagicMeeMees to Lincoln Logs, toys aren’t just for kids anymore: this year, it’s all about getting the whole family to play together. Some of 2016’s top toys are also geared toward getting your lovable couch potatoes out of the house and out in the sunshine. Better still, there are a slew of gifts that empower young girls with thoughtful, confidence-building messages. Shore News Today dissects the Toy Insider’s annual toy-buying guide.

Best Travel Gifts for the Holidays


Travel products aren’t just for specialty stores anymore. Now’s the time to take a peek at the nifty tools that are making travel more efficient, more comfortable, and — fingers crossed! — much less stressful, which means more impulse buys at the register from buyers seeking to escape gray days. This year’s travel gift trends are occasionally ingenious and always oh so why-didn’t-I-think-of-that — complete with TSA-proof toiletries. Eco-conscious trends like solar-powered chargers and shoes made from recycled water bottles are sure hits, too.

Holiday Gift Guide: Fashion Gifts That Won’t Flop This Year

Fashion holiday retail trends

The best fashion is always timeless, but there’s always a trend or two from the 1970s, ‘80s, and — heaven forbid! — the ‘90s that we all wish would come back in style. This year, bomber jackets and platform shoes are back in a big way. Add modern colors and patterns to the mix —  plus the perfect pair of Wayfarers — and you’ve got fail-safe display options for even the trendiest shoppers at your register.

Is Origami 2016’s Craft Trend?

Holiday Product Retail Trend - Origami

Remember last year’s coloring book craze? Well, get ready to be transported to seventeenth-century Japan, because origami’s all the rage heading into 2017. The Guardian’s Rebecca Smithers spotlights what’s compelling adults to get in on the trend: practicing this ancient art of paper folding apparently calms the nerves while it nourishes the brain’s left hemisphere (math, science, language, etc.). Best of all: it’s a break from the screen, and a boon for your shop!

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