Get ASD’s Free Retailers’ Guide to Surviving the Holidays – Products, Planning, Merchandising

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Don’t let the holiday season sneak up on you! The Retailers’ Guide to Surviving the Holidays, powered by ASD Market Week, takes you through the planning process month by month so you know what to do when for your best-ever holiday sales. Better yet? It’s free to download!

Holiday Retail Guide

Have you ever wished you had a step-by-step guide for making the holidays more profitable and stress-free? Then download ASD Market Week’s 2016-17 Guide to Surviving the Holidays. It’s free!


The holiday season accounts for $630 billion per year to retailers.

This can account for a significant part of a retailer’s annual revenue, but the pressure to make the most of it can also mean some stressful months leading up to the New Year. This guide helps you plan what to do when for a seamless, profitable season:  

  • When to start mapping your trade show calendar 
  • How to find this year’s must-have wholesale merchandise
  • How to get the variety you want at the margins you need
  • When and how to staff up for the holiday season
  • How to create customer-friendly policies 
  • Creating the perfect window display 
  • How to get foot traffic into your store (and cyber traffic onto your site) 
  • What to do after the holidays to keep the sales going 

You’ll also find expert tips on everything from merchandising to return policies — as well as advice on whether to hop on the Black Friday bandwagon or take advantage of new holiday trends like Singles’ Day. (What’s that? Download now to find out.

 ASD Market Week is the largest B2B merchandise trade show and retail education conference in the U.S. with over 2,600 on trend vendors across 9 product categories.

*(source: First research, Statista)

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