This One Fashion Accessory Can Keep Your Store From Looking #Basic

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Hat Fashion Trends 2015-2016: What You Need to Buy for Your Shop

If getting dressed is a series of personal choices, then the most important choice a retailer can make is helping his/her customers select the right accessory.

For the stylish professional, choosing the right accessory distinguishes her (or him) from another drone in the commute.  Yet, mentally, it can be hard work to add another decision at 8 a.m. when variety is more nerve-destroying than exciting.  Decision fatigue, anyone?  The key is to stock accessories that can be swapped and added to just about any Monday-to-Friday outfit.  Accessories in a boutique should sing of their versatility: their power to be weekday appropriate (staples), yet bold enough to allow your customers to feel unique (statements).

Accessories are the buttery deliciousness of the fashion world.

As we all know firsthand, accessories are the buttery deliciousness of the fashion world, and they are more buttery the better the quality of the material and the sophistication of the design.  A standout clutch can make a wrist look dainty, and a skinny bright belt sitting at the real waist of an A-line flare dress can harken back the days of the ’50s maven.

Accessories bring an individual’s awesome self into focus.  Whether your best customers are in a crowd of thousands at Coachella or commuting to work with all the other Tory Burch flat-wearing millennials, make sure your shop is seen as a resource for that unique accessory — that hidden gem that someone leaving your shop will genuinely feel is a reflection of her personal style.  This will go a long way towards setting your store (and your shoppers) apart in a crowded marketplace.

It’s all about the hat. There, we said it.

Right now, the hat reigns supreme. It’s our favorite piece for communicating general bad-ass-ness.  Just scroll through any street-style blog or women’s fashion magazine.  What was once relegated to the arena of flamboyant British Royalty or the Kentucky Derby has exploded into the forefront of style.  Since we blame everything on celebrities, we can probably pinpoint this pervasive hat wearing to a young starlet who didn’t want to get photographed by the paparazzi.

But, instead of concealing hair in need of a blowout or traveling the world like Carmen Sandiego, any girl can wear a hat going to work, brunch, or running errands while generally looking fly.  Also, there isn’t the trade-off between paying rent and owning a killer hat, as is certainly the case for most coats or handbags — a huge opportunity for your shop.

Hat fashion trends 2015: It’s all about that felt, about that felt, about that (floppy) felt.

The goal this season should be to find elegant, affordable hats that can also add some street style flair to your customers’ looks.

Hat Trend #1 | Ranch Style-meets-Soho / Felt with Wide Brim

This is definitely a trend to keep an eye on. Check out pictures of Sienna Miller, an actress famous for bringing the Rancherista Fedora AND floppy brim into mainstream.

#siennamiller #hat

A post shared by Sienna Miller (@siennamiller1) on

Hat Trend #2 | Floppy, Felt, and Copper-Trimmed Hats

Hats like this Jessica Leone with metallic details have become a must-have from LA to New York.

Janessa Leone 'Savoy' Hat

Jessica Leone ‘Savoy’ Hat – Whisky ($170)

Hat Trend #3 | Anything with a fedora vibe, especially if it’s a bit floppy, and soft felt.

Colors: Go with Heather gray and sand to maintain that uplifting Spring spirit even as late Summer/early Fall starts to hit. Black and charcoal can wait their turn.

Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Fedora – Tan ($195)

Hat Trend #4 | Gents’ Edition –  Understated Fedoras

The men’s accessories category has been on the rise for many years and is now exploding, so don’t let sales slip away by not catering to a whole new generation of style-conscious gents.  Look around — men everywhere are replacing grunge beanies and sports caps with with more gentlemanly, even dandy-ish, fedoras.  Don’t be afraid to keep those lighter colors (and therefore lighter moods) well into the season.

Goorin God Father


Goorin Bros. Hat Shop, The God Father $110

Buy the trend. Wholesale hat companies you should contact right now.

If you’re planning on attending ASD Market Week in Las Vegas this August, we strongly suggest you reach out to these vendors first to make these trends happen in your shop!


Something Special

SomethingSpecial Fedora

Jam Distributing

Hat Fashion Trends 2015

Jeanne Simmons Accessories

Jeanne Simmons Accessories - Hat Fashion Trends 2015


Dorfman Pacific

Dorfman Pacific - Hat Fashion Trends 2015

ASD Insider Tip: Use the ASD Show Planner and make appointments to see these companies on the show floor at ASD. You just need your badge # to sign in for the exclusive info. Don’t have a badge? Register for one here — it’s free!


The Final Word.

If hats aren’t your customers’ thing (gasp!), then simply carry other accessories that make them feel just as regal. Become a connoisseur of that item, and find those pieces that will elevate your customers’ everyday style.

Finding trending fashion accessories at incredible margins is hard. ASD Market Week makes it easy. Get your free ticket here to the largest fashion accessories trade show in the U.S.!



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