3 Amazing Facebook Marketing Features Retailers Should Use

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Discover three amazing Facebook marketing features all retailers should be using to drive online sales from their social media efforts

Pinterest is “hot” and Instagram is booming… but Facebook is still king when it comes to selling products or services online. In fact, a 2014 Shopify study showed that a whopping 85% of all social media E-commerce orders came from Facebook! Unbelievable, right?!

Now, for the good news: you don’t have to have a million page likes or national brand awareness to start leveraging this incredible statistic for your fashion retail business. All you really need is an advertising budget – and not a huge one either! Retailers can see results with as little as $10 per day – and an understanding of these exciting Facebook Advertising features we’ve included below that will set you up for Facebook marketing success. Ready? Let’s dive in…

1. Conversion Tracking


One of the biggest mistakes that retailers make when using Facebook advertising is not setting up – or not properly setting up– conversion tracking. This amazing feature helps retailers track online, e-commerce sales from social media. With Facebook Conversion Tracking, retailers can track sales directly from within the Facebook Advertising dashboard, and optimize their campaigns for sales specifically.

Here’s why this is oh-so-important: Without Conversion Tracking, any Facebook ads driving traffic to your retail website are automatically optimized for clicks only, i.e. the campaign will look to get you the most amount of clicks at the lowest cost possible.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Except for the fact that clicks aren’t really the action you care about. You wouldn’t consider a campaign that drove thousands of website visits but ZERO sales a success, would you? That’s why Conversion Tracking is a game changer. Instead of having website clicks as the main focus of your campaigns, you can have Facebook working to get you more of the thing that really matters: sales! To set up Facebook Conversion Tracking, just check out this great tutorial from Facebook here.

2. Custom Audiences

Facebook-Custom-AudiencesMost of the time, when you’re targeting an ad on Facebook, you are selecting from a variety of demographic and psychographic characteristics that match up closely with who you know your audience to be. But there’s another type of targeting available to retailers that is even more powerful.

There are two types of Custom Audiences that retailers should know about – your own email lists and what Facebook calls Website Custom Audiences.

When you use targeting from your previously built email lists,  whether it’s a list of your best customers or a list of users who created an account on your website but never purchased anything, this feature provides a great way for retailers to target sales ads to a specific messaging depending on what they wish to sell or promote. Just upload your lists to Facebook from within the ads dashboard, make sure it’s segmented correctly, and Facebook will start matching the provided email addresses with existing user accounts – ultimately providing you with a targetable audience comprised of the specific customers on your email list! For help setting this up, click here.

The second type of Custom Audience that’s key to retailer success on Facebook is called a Website Custom Audience. This is really just a fancy way of talking about retargeting; building a custom audience of users who have visited your website, and remarketing to them with ads on Facebook. This is especially powerful for reconnecting with users who visited your site and/or placed a product in your online shopping cart, but did not the complete the purchase. Learn how to set up Website Custom Audiences here.

3. Multi-Product Ads


Retailers, rejoice! This new Facebook feature that allows Facebook marketers to showcase 3-5 images and links within a single ad unit, and direct people to specific product pages or sections on a website.

Now, instead of advertising just one product per post, retailers can promote several – increasing the chances that something in your ad interests those you are targeting, and ultimately, increasing clicks and conversions.

Facebook will even optimize the performance of a multi product ad for you by selecting and ordering the best-performing images and links for each person who sees it. Click here to learn more.

Now get out there and market your retail business like a Facebook pro!

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