Smoke Trade Show Recap | Are E-Cigars the Next Big Thing?

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The biggest trends in smoke include e-cigars, e-liquids and more; discover the hottest brands from the trade show floor in 2015

From e-cigs and hookahs, to vapes and stylish accessories, the SMOKE trade show inside ASD MarketWeek in March had retailers buzzing about the modernization and explosive growth of the industry as a whole. Vendors have definitely stepped up their product, merchandising, and branding to take advantage of next-level growth in 2015.

Our editorial team discovered countless new smoking accessories trends (and the vendors to match) at the ASD show, which should make it that much easier for you to confidently stock your expertly-merchandised shelves with hot-selling, high margin product. Here are the top 5 products we found at SMOKE trade show this year:

Private Label E-liquids


The fluid that fuels Vaporizers and the Electronic Cigarette… a.k.a.vapes and e-cigs… isn’t what it use to be. Today you can get e-liquid flavors that include Cosmic Peach, Jean Cloud Van Damme, and Vanilla Ice Cream.  As vaping and e-cigs are grow in popularity, there has been a huge increase in musicians, celebs, and shop owners getting into the e-liquid brand game, establishing their own lines of e-liquids and juices. Whether you’re starting your own private-label, celebrity-owned, or novelty-based product – industry-leader Eve is your go-to supplier for premium, natural “gourmet” flavors in beautifully-designed bottles and packaging.

Vendor: eve | Website:


Designer Packaging


No one likes a boring shelf, and consumers shopping smoke stores are no different. Thankfully, smoking accessories vendors are stepping up their game and delivering designer-inspired packaging to help their products stand out on store shelves. A favorite find at the March 2015 ASD Market Week was Argelini Tobacco. Their packaging – and their hookah tobacco products – have been crafted with quality and style in mind.  Argelini sells premium wholesale hookah tobacco nestled inside packaging that’s not only elegant and sleek, but looks as good (if not better) than a premium tea line. Argelini hookah tobacco combines thoughtful ingredients and modern packaging – a case of style-meets-substance in the Smoke section of ASD.

Vendor: Argelini Tobacco | Website:



This category could be a game-changer.  You can now take the taste of Cuban cigars with you wherever you go, thanks to Blackcat – an e-Cigar vendor found at ASD Market Week that offers Blackcat® Cuban electronic cigars. Combining the full-bodied, robust flavor of a cigar along with the smoke-anywhere-you-want convenience of electronic smoke products, this e-Cigar has approximately 1,100 puffs, with 24mg of nicotine and is 100% diacetyl-free.   Who needs a humidor?

Vendor: Blackcat Electronic Cigarette | Website:


Hookah Travel Cases


As you know, the smoking industry isn’t just selling products, it’s building a global lifestyle.  With that in mind, consumers can now indulge in elegant, high-design travel cases that also protect glass hookahs during transport – all thanks to a company we spotted called Elate.  Elate, a brand already known for its exquisite hookah designs and beautifully-crafted smoking devices, has officially branched out to satisfy the traveller.  Whether your store caters to the occasional smoker, a social smoker or a hookah connoisseur, now you can offer hookah travel cases to help your store sales grow exponentially.   Trust us, this is a thing.  And you won’t break your hookah.

Vendor: Elite Hookah | Website:


Glass Dome Vaporizers


It’s all about glass-dome vaporizers.  We found some really clean designs from White Rhino Products; a stand-out vendor from this past ASD Market Week that offers a variety of high quality vaporizers, e-cigs, e-juices, glassware, and accessories to smoke stores. Their glass dome vaporizers are perfect for waxy oils and all made in the U.S.

Vendor: White Rhino | Website: 

Want to find more trending, affordable products for your shop, all in one place? Get your free ticket here to attend the next Smoke + Vape at ASD in Las Vegas –  the largest wholesale smoking + vape accessories trade show in the U.S.!

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