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Retail wholesale trend book

2017 has become a record year for retail sales, after nearly a decade since the great recession, we see consumers spending at continuously healthy levels. For wholesalers (as well as manufacturers, importers 

and distributors), this means that your retail accounts have been – and should be – increasing the number of products they order from you to stock their stores. Understanding the shifting retail climate and what that means to wholesalers is exactly why this guide was written.

What’s Happening in Independent Brick and Mortar?

92% of total retail sales are still generated in brick and mortar stores; couple that with the fact that 98.6% of all retail businesses employ fewer than 50 people and wholesalers might be wondering why their customers are requesting so many different terms, products and ways of buying from them. For a wholesaler such as yourself, this means that the decline of malls and the larger brick and mortar stores have resulted in an emerging population of small independent brick and mortar stores – and their business is yours for the taking. In the face of this digital transformation personal relationships, product trendspotting, maintaining margins, and your own web-savvy are more crucial than ever – and the key to your profits.

Small Store + Small Batch = Big Returns

These shifts in shopping patterns and demands have led to the need for faster production and smaller batch production of goods. The thriving small-batch manufacturing model now allows wholesalers efficient, cost-effective opportunities to test new-to-market products without making a full commitment. This manufacturing method is the future of wholesale. Connecting these three trends means that it’s critical for you to get inside the mind of your retail buyers.

Get Inside the Retailer Mind, Get Inbound Leads

In our study, 66.2% of you (the manufacturers) said you needed more retail accounts – so we asked retailers what they would love to see from you. The retailers we surveyed were unequivocal about what they need from wholesalers:

  1. Great margins.
  2. A willingness to listen.
  3. A clear, even dynamic, online presence.
  4. Expertise in what sells and how to merchandise it.
  5. An up-to-the-minute awareness of the products that are trending.


49.6% of you said trade shows were your biggest challenge when it comes to B2B sales and marketing channels.


What You’ll Learn To Help Your Business

To help our exhibitors, and wholesale businesses everywhere meet the needs of their retailers, we’ve developed and launched a new, free resource that’s designed to help you kick your sales into high gear. In this book, you will discover how to:

  1. Create and improve relationships with the increasing number of independent brick-and-mortar retail stores.
  2. Gain insight into the minds of retailers across the country so you can best address their wholesale needs.
  3. Learn about the most in-demand manufacturing methods for a smaller scale, quick-turnaround market.
  4. Get the 411 on how to become an expert in product trendspotting.
  5. Streamline your B2B online presence to generate inbound leads and sales.
  6. Make the most of trade shows by drawing more buyers to your booth and maximizing your investment.

And don’t worry, the book is also packed with information on how to make the most of your trade show investment dollars as well! Download it today and start taking control of your business’s future success.

Download The Book For Free – Click Any of the Banners!


Also, follow our exhibitor and wholesaler series on the blog to learn how to use digital marketing platforms and tactics to boost your business and make the most of 

your trade show participation.

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