Vape Product Design Trends: Industry Experts Weigh In

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Vape product design experts let us know what you should be carrying in your shop (or lounge) next.

Sleek, efficient, vape product design is all the rage in the smoking accessories industry.  This “Apple Watch” effect is a testament to the desire for simple, visually-elegant designs that come in small, easily accessible packages.  Our editors first caught this trend at the last Smoke + Vape show (see examples of top picks here), and it’s also opening up an almost limitless new market of mainstream customers for premium smoke-related products.

Pioneering entrepreneurs in the vape industry have begun to design vape products that are being realigned and redefined in realtime by new industry design standards.  The ASD Insider spoke to two industry veterans about current vape product trends and their wish lists for future iterations of popular smoke tools.

Lucy Sung, Director of Sales and Operations for Blackcat Electronic Cigarettes, Long Beach, CA.

Vape Accessories - Rebuildable Vape TankAI:  What are current trends you’re seeing in vape products?

LS: Rebuildable tanks for electronic cigarettes seem to be very popular these days. I think a lot of people are going for box mods (a square mod for vaping) and variable voltage pens. I think that we are just on the cusp of these trends and that the market for these particular products is growing very rapidly.

AI: What are your customers asking for these days?

LS: Our customers keep asking for better juices and rebuildable instruments. Premium e-juices are also experiencing a rise in popularity. Tobacco and menthol and are the two traditional cigarette flavors, but vaping gives you a chance to try everything from fruit flavors to dessert flavors. New types of flavors in vape broaden the whole smoking world.

AI: What is your dream vape?

LS: My dream unit would be of variable voltage and flexible. It would include a rebuildable tank and be easy to use and reliable so it doesn’t break down. It would also produce a lot of cloud.

Kevin Dankman, Director of HotBreath Magazine and Columnist at ERB, Redondo Beach, CA.

Vape Accessories: Vape TrendsAI:  What vape product trends are you seeing out there?

KD: I do product reviews for HotBreath Magazine, so I review a lot of new products. I see a lot of new heating elements in vape technology that heat faster than usual. New batteries are coming out that are safer and less apt to fail and explode. I know of a couple of bendable batteries that will be out soon. Wearable vapes are becoming pretty big as well. There will be a couple of new style wearables that will be coming out in the next year or so. In fashion and technology, labeling and branding by different companies will become more prominent in the vape market overall.

AI:  What is your dream vape accessory?

KD: Versatile pen attachments. The functionality of a single vape should be able to work with liquids, dry vapes, and wax vapes alike. There should be attachments for every pen to make a seamless conversion possible.  The vape mods allow users to create whatever they like at this point, and I see this trend continuing in the future with better and more unique results.

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