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Smoke Accessories by Celebrities

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Celebrities With Their Own Smoke Accessory Brands (And You Can Too)

Vaporizers and e-cigarettes have been on the lips of everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Katy Perry. While many celebrities are choosing electronic smoke accessories over cigarettes, others are taking the step to endorse a brand of their choice or even collaborate with a popular manufacturer to create a branded accessory for their fans to purchase.

Tastemakers in the ever-growing hip-hop and EDM scenes have been early adopters to the smoke accessories industry, where chart-topping rappers and DJ/producers are elevating their merchandise game and staying on trend.

Soulja Boy

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The teen rap sensation turned entrepreneur cashed in on the urban hookah trend by collaborating with Phantom Smoke E-Hookah for a signature red apple flavor. The e-hookah is branded with Soulja Boy’s signature in gold and comes pre-packed with enough e-liquid for up to 800 puffs. The flavor has been such a big hit, that Phantom Smoke’s website allows you to purchase in increments of 20 for a discount.

Smoke Accessories Celebrities - Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead

Genre-blending Canadian DJ duo Zeds Dead have played festivals around the world since forming in 2009. Recently the duo added a branded vaporizer to their resume, collaborating with Grenco Science, also known as G-Pen, arguably one of the better known brands on the market. Their collection, which included accessories ranging from mouthpieces to batteries to add to the G-pen classics, as well as their own black and red branded G-pen vaporizer, satisfied fans looking to accessorize without purchasing another vaporizer, as well as those looking to invest in a new accessory. While Zeds Dead may not be a name you know, the dubstep turned house artists are at the forefront of the dance scene, arguably the fastest growing musical genre.

Smoke Accessories Celebrities - Mcig3 Boss - Rick Ross

Rick Ross

The newly slim and ever-so-successful Rick Ross was named the brand ambassador of mCig in 2014, a brand of electronic herbal cigarettes. Claiming to have used to product before becoming an ambassador, Ross is a fan of electronic cigarettes of the herbal variety and began his role as ambassador by releasing a gold e-cigarette called the BO$$, after his nickname. The BO$$ model offers three heat settings and a removable rechargeable battery, making it a long lasting model for devoted e-cigarette smokers looking for an herbal alternative.

Smoke Accessories Celebrities - Flosstradamus


Monetizing music is harder than ever these days, with illegal downloading and free streaming sites accessible to all. Producer duo Flosstradamus, hailing from Chicago, are known for their unique sound, sold out shows, and hip-hop like stage presence. They opted for a unique way to release their Banned 3-D mixtape, putting the files on a USB that was packed inside an electronic vaporizer pen. Claiming to be the first of its kind, the $50 vaporizer pen can handle any oil as well as 4 GB of files on the included USB. Despite its multi-functionality, the product proved to be a major attention-getter, gaining press and shedding light on the popularity of smoke accessories amongst music fans and twenty-somethings.

Smoke Accessories Celebrities - Snoop Dogg Herbal VaporizerSnoop Dogg

As a celeb synonymous with smoke and smoke culture, it was only fitting that rap legend Snoop Dogg release a signature smoke accessory for his fans looking for an alternative smoking method. His partnership with G-Pen, ‘The Double G Series,’ is one of the most robust of the brands collaborations, including a variety of electronic vaporizer pens, including a budget friendly $15 disposable option. The collection also includes accessories from mouthpieces to herbal tanks and apparel including hats with a spot to safely tuck your G-Pen. With a career spanning over two decades, Snoop Dogg maintains his credibility by adding his classic style to of the moment trends.

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