August 2017 ASD Market Week is a wrap! Trending Products Roundup + ASD quotes you!

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Another ASD Market Week is in the books! Here’s a roundup of the trending products, key lessons,  and what our attendees and exhibitors loved about the show. We also flash forward to ASD Market Week, March 11-14, 2018.

Merchandise and Vendor Trends: Spotted at ASD

Product trends from each day (in case you missed it):

Product Trends from Day 1

Product Trends from Day 2

Trendspotting at Culture+

Product Trends from Day 3

What People Are Saying About August 2017 ASD Market Week

Our exhibitors

“ASD is definitely an order writing show. Almost everyone that came by wrote an order! A majority of buyers says ASD is the best show to attend. We are definitely coming back.” —Pauli Rae, Open Road Booth #N1328  (1st time exhibitor)

“ASD is our best order-writing show of all the trade shows we do. By far.” —David Levich, Sun-Staches Booth #N1213

“This was our one of our best opening days at ASD MARKET WEEK!  This show is bringing us NEW buyers that do not come to any of the other shows we do. ASD is a must attend event!” —John, Hem & Thread Booth #C4225

“Our customers are family fun centers and amusement parks. At other trade shows we basically feature our new merchandise, at ASD, we write orders!” —Michael Cardinali, Toy Factory Booth #N1318 Been doing ASD for 20 years!

“We got tons of orders and new leads – but that was just a part of it. It was the relationships we made and the ability to get our product to the people who really need it.  People just kept coming back wanting more information. I already bought my booth for the next show. The experience was amazing and I would suggest this show to anybody.” —Hal Lewis, Owner, Leaf of Life Wellness Booth #SL2155 (1st-time exhibitor)

Our Buyers

I’ve been coming to ASD for over 14 years and been a retailer for 40 years. I keep coming back because of the tremendous variety and margin value.” —Milaca Bussard, The Beadman, Redding, CA

“ASD has become a big part of our buying process – each season there are even higher quality vendors, which is very exciting. The good thing about ASD is that once we’re armed with trends we can get the look for less while we’re here.” —Cris Willis, Parsons Gift of Cumming, GA

From SourceDirect at ASD

“I’ve been looking for a manufacturing source for a specific product for two years – and I finally found it at Source Direct with the help of the matchmaking desk!” —Mark Zeller, CEO NTT Distribution

“Wow! The quality of the Sourcing India section at ASD is phenomenal! We never imagined we’d find stuff this nice!” —Buyer visiting from Las Vegas Market

Our Educational Sessions

“The success of any great merchant isn’t based on inventory alone. It also includes how well they operate their stores, which is why ASD’s and IRC’s free educational sessions are so valuable to ASD attendees.

These rapid learning opportunities offer attendees the chance to engage, learn and connect with many of the top leaders in retail without compromising their time to source the inventory they need from ASD.” —Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Founder/Publisher of Retail Minded magazine and the Independent Retailer Conference at ASD

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Thank You. Until We Meet Again in March 2018.

Thank you to our amazing buyers, vendors, and speakers! .

The next show is March 11-14, 2018 so get ready! If you’re a vendor contact your rep and get your booth(s) sorted so we can begin marketing your company right away to our universe of buyers!

Beloved retailers! If you missed something/someone this show or need some more product info contact ASD’s marvelous retail concierge team.

Let’s all stay connected in the coming months so we continue to transform our worlds of #retail and #wholesale together. Until then, make every customer visit count – online, at your booth, and especially in your shop!

“We’re committed to giving our attendees and exhibitors the most efficient way to connect with each other online and off, as well as the most up-to-date retail education. This way they can get an incredible return on investment each time.”

—Camille Candella, VP Marketing, ASD Market Week

That’s a wrap! Stay tuned for the next ASD Market Week, March 11– 14, 2018. Buyers: you’ll be able register for the next show very soon.  

Exhibitors, you’re up! Sign up here for next time!

Stay in touch, and, on behalf of the entire ASD team, thank you!

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