August 2016 ASD Market Week Day 3 – Show Highlights, Education, Trends and Must-See Events

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A Handmade Revolution & Free Las Vegas Market Shuttles: Highlights, Education, and Product Trends from Day 3 at ASD Market Week

Two for Tuesday: Free Shuttles Between ASD and Las Vegas Market

Today ASD Market Week and Las Vegas Market collab-ed on free shuttles to and from both shows! Did you know Las Vegas Market badge-holders get into ASD for free? Yes.

Take advantage of crossover buying and lifestyle merchandising opportunities. It’s all about #deskgoals #gift and #homedecor you can buy low…..and sell high.

Attn: Makers!

Craft, artisanal, handmade and “Etsy e-commerce culture” is blowing up at retail all around us. In ASD’s South Lower Hall near booth #SL2464,  attendees were treated to craft demos from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Your customers want unique, indie, “maker” products – ASD has ‘em!


Meet the Online Sellers: Amazon, eBay, and E-commerce Expert Q&A

Panel: Fred Neff, Eddie Levine, Cynthia Stein (bundle expert), Robyn Johnson

Internet Merchant’s Association

This was the golden opportunity for our attendees to get their tactical questions answered by a team of experts!

What we learned:

-The key to overcoming vendor resistance to Amazon sellers is to provide something of value

-Ask vendors what their pain points are, and offer to solve them

-Focus on “we” and “us” instead of “I” when developing vendor relationships

-Use the same pricing across the board (i.e. Amazon and your own site)

-Amazon won’t let you sell a product cheaper on your own website

-You can sell branded items inside “bundles”

-Look for brands that already have some demand, social proof, and search volume

-Do you keyword research and take advantage of sponsored ads

Read ASD’s Practical Guide to Mastering Amazon SEO Keywords and Sponsored Ads Here

The Secret to Moving Inventory Faster Than Ever With Cathy Donovan of Retail Mavens:


At this brief, compelling talk in the main lobby at the Independent Retailer Conference, Cathy Donovan of Retail Mavens taught us the following:

-Educate your entire team on the benefits of the items you sell, so they can convey this to your customers

-Mark it down, and move it out! Don’t get attached to any item and don’t be afraid to sell it at below cost

-Cathy’s rule: don’t ever let your products have a “birthday.” 6 months in your store tops!

“The old way of doing indie retail is over.” – Cathy Donovan, Retail Mavens

Driving Sales and Traffic From Facebook with John Lawson (IMA)


What we learned:

-Not all traffic is the same – it’s all about “high-converting” traffic

-You can upload emails and phone numbers into Facebook’s ad manager and target the associated Facebook feeds with e-commerce Facebook ads

-“Content marketing” via video is huge – create explainer videos on Youtube for your products

Educational Talks & Must-See Vendors at Vape Nights at ASD

To read about must-see vendors and products, click here.

To see the speaker lineup from this year’s Vape Nights at ASD, click here.

ASD Market Week has an abundance of events scheduled to help engage attendees throughout the next four days – in addition to over 2,600 vendors for attendees to discover.

There is still time to register online, and on-site at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

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