7 Social Media Goals to Reach in 2018

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With each new year comes new opportunities for you and your business. The New Year is a wonderful time to reflect on the past and plan for the future, and that includes setting new goals for your business. But sometimes the hardest part of reaching your goals is figuring out which goals to make in the first place.

You have probably thought of the obvious ones – such as increase your social media followers, add more people to your email list, generate stronger sales from social media and increase business in general – but what about setting goals more specifically to help you accomplish this and more? Having a strategy is the foundation of great marketing, and in today’s modern marketplace social media should be among your top marketing efforts.

If you’re ready to make 2018 your best year yet when it comes to social media look no further… these goals are designed to help.

Goal #1: Build the Right Team

I don’t recommend that the owner of the store be the same person who manages the store’s social media. Why? Because you’re busy… and with few exceptions you are not a full-time social media pro. More likely, you have questions when it comes to social media. Because of this, I recommend you hire an in-house social media manager. This should be someone who is a regular, paid member of your staff, who understands your business and can effectively market your store on social media.

Goal #2: Utilize Video

Video was big in 2017, and it’s only going to get bigger as we ring in 2018. Video is a great way to bring a face and personality to your business, actively engage with customers and grow your organic (free) reach on Facebook.

There are two main types of video that you can share on social media: Live and pre-recorded. Pre-recorded video is great if you need to cut between speakers or scenes or require special effects, and live is great for inviting people to events, doing store tours, and more. By advertising these videos, you can get even more reach and engagement for your business.

Goal #3: Streamline Your Ads Process

I recommend always having Facebook Ads running. While you may have amazing content on your social media profiles, only a small percentage of people who like your page are seeing your posts. One ad I suggest running regularly I refer to as a “Most Recent Ad”. With this ad type, you are constantly advertising your most recent post, so you can be sure your ad includes fresh content.

Part of streamlining your ads process is also testing to see how you can get the cost of your ads down by switching out copy, graphics or choosing a new audience. You should always be testing to lower the amount you’re paying per click. Another tip? Video ads tend to be more cost-effective than using an image. If you’re trying to optimize your budget while increasing results, try using video in your ads.

Goal #4: Think Local

Social media is always looking for ways to help users discover businesses and events near them. Use this to your advantage by utilizing local targeting with your ads and sharing local content to engage users in your neighborhood. Facebook and Instagram allow you to enter your location and advertise to users within a certain radius that you control, so you can use social media to drive real foot traffic.

Goal #5: Tell More Stories

Selling is out. Engaging is in. Use your social media profiles to tell your unique story.. the story that sets you apart from big box stores and your competition. Include plenty of photos of your staff and customers, post engaging content like questions and polls and be sure to mix in fun and educational posts to break up any sales posts you may have. If customers can see the heart and soul behind your business, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

Goal #6: Show Up Everywhere

More and more customers are using products other than a computer – such as their phone or tablet – to access your social profiles and website. And no matter where they’re engaging with your brand, they want a good user experience despite what technology they’re using. When you upload graphics or files to social media, be sure to look at them on multiple platforms to make sure you can open them, they are easy to read, aren’t blurry, etc.

Goal #7: Record Your Goals for Accountability

You’ve probably heard of SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound), but one key aspect of reaching goals is simply writing them down. Writing down goals makes you 42% more likely to achieve them. And with that in mind… what goals do you have for the new year to help make your social media more successful?

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Contributed by Crystal Vilkaitis, a leading expert on social media in the retail industry. As a social media teacher, speaker and owner of Social Edge www.socialedge.co, a company that teaches social media to small businesses, Crystal has worked with thousands of retailers to help them save time, gain confidence and increase local exposure, foot traffic and sales.

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