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Top Headlines: 5 Things Retailers & Online Sellers Need to Know This Month

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The online sales takeover, what leggings sales can say about your business, and why you shouldn’t worry about Black Friday. Here’s everything you need to know this month in the world of retail news.

Survey: Online Retail a Big Focus for Holiday Shoppers

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For the first time in the annual Deloitte holiday retail survey’s history, shoppers say they anticipate spending as much of their holiday budget online as they do in stores. Although fewer consumers plan to visit big-box retailers or shopping malls, independent retailers will take the biggest hit, the survey says. Retailers without a strong online presence can combat the trend by stocking up on trending, high-margin merchandise. (Here’s how.)

Let Them Selfie, And They Will Come: Wal-Mart Brings in Photo Booths, Toy Demonstrations to Boost Holiday Traffic

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Wal-Mart has offered another way to combat the growing shift toward online sales: make in-store shopping easier. This season, the retailer will introduce “holiday helpers” — staffers trained to help customers find specific products, direct them to the shortest checkout lines, open new registers, and fetch forgotten products. Stores will also feature “selfie booths,” visits from Santa and added toy demonstrations.

Black Friday or Groundhog Day? Big Retailers Recycle Holiday Deals (And You Can, Too)

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If scoping the Black Friday promotions of big-box retailers feels like deja vu this season, there’s a good reason for that. You’re looking at the same deals as last year (and probably the year before that). From Target to Best Buy, retailers are recycling products, prices and promotions with little variation — and seeing great results. Black Friday sales were up 14.3% year-over-year in 2015. So if you’re feeling less-than-creative about your Black Friday promotions, worry not — you’re in good company.

A Chart About Legging Sales That Should Scare Every Old School Retailer


Amazon has been edging into clothing sales for some time, and according to The Washington Post — they’re succeeding. A chart about legging sales from e-commerce analytics firm Slice Intelligence is particularly revealing: Amazon now has the largest market share for sales of leggings, demonstrating a willingness by consumers to bypass traditional retailers when they purchase clothing staples.

The Hottest Trends This Holiday Season Are From Your Childhood


If glossy magazines are any indication of hot holiday trends, we’ll be seeing high demand for nostalgia this year, from LEGO-themed toys for boys and girls, to Barbies and Hot Wheels. In Travel + Leisure’s holiday gift guide, retro toys featured heavily alongside new virtual reality-themed items like Oculus Rift goggles and Playstation VR.

So if you haven’t ordered your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise yet…   

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