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Buyer Knowledge: 2015-2016 Product Scent Trends

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Scents Trends

In the new ASD 2015-2016 Lifestyle Trend Report, you will find out about the trends that are influencing sales over the next year. The smells of 2015 and 2016 will connect you with nature, take you on a journey around the world and throw you back in time. Tied to the three 2015-2016 lifestyle trends – harmonizing with nature, curated journeys and retro urban – these scents offer something for everyone, regardless of style or purpose. Whether you are an earthy gal wanting to dab a natural scent behind your ears or a city gent wanting your home to smell as sleek as it looks, these scent trends rise to the occasion. Read on to learn about the scents helping to define each lifestyle trend in 2015 and 2016.

Harmonizing with Nature: cedar and sandalwood, lavender, royal jelly, camomile flower, dandelion leaves, lily of the nile, narcissus and eucalyptus

Curated Journeys: anise, cinnamon, shea and vanilla

Retro Urban: patchouli, white musk, bergamot, jasmine, oak and moss

ASD Market Week Lifestyle Trend Report 2015-2016

To learn about the products that these scents align to, download the 2015-2016 LIFESTYLE TREND REPORT in time for ASD Market Week 2016!


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